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About Us

We are regulated by the State of Ohio. As officers of the court, it is our responsibility to provide community safety and enforce the laws of the State of Ohio.

We provide a safe & clean environment for the dogs in our care. Visitors and volunteers are welcome to walk the dogs or give some TLC – anything to improve the quality of life here for our guests.

Services we provide: Lost/found; Microchip; Community Service hours

Stray Dog: if you have found a stray dog you can call us during work hours for us to come get the dog. If you live in Warren City your dog Warden’s number is – 330-841-2675.

Lost & Found Dogs; Every day we check the newspaper, craigslist, & Facebook to find matches. We have many volunteers that help with this as well. When Stray dogs are found and picked up by us or the Warren City Dog Warden we also check all the above sources and post the dog’s picture and information of where the dog was found. By law we must keep a Stray dog 3 days. Most dogs stay here for the “stray hold”. Puppies go to puppy shelters and dogs with health issues go to “Animal Medical Care Center” in Niles. It is a very stressful environment here for puppies and sick dogs.

To redeem a dog the owners need to come in with proof that the dog is theirs, such as; license, vet records and pictures of the dog. We will need to make a copy of a driver’s license. The redemption fees are $20 for the first day and $10 for each additional day the dog is here. A license must be purchased if there is no current license for the dog.


After Hours we only come out for a stray dog that has bit a person or an injured stray dog. Call 911 and they will dispatch us if it is appropriate.


We can put a microchip into your dog during office hours for $25.00.

A microchip is a small piece of glass about the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted between the shoulder blades. When a scanner is passed over the microchip it is activated. The scanner will then pick up a number from the chip. We can look the number up on the internet or on a chart which will tell us the make of the chip. We call the company and they will look up the number and provide to us the contact information and name of the dog. Provided the owner of the dog has current information, we are calling within 5 minutes.
We scan all dogs who come into our facility.

Community Service Hours & Volunteers:

If you have court, family services or school required community service hours to do, you can do them here. There is an application you will need to fill out. You can come in during office hours to fill out the application and begin your work hours. There is a sign in sheet where you will record your hours and we will report those hours to your supervisor via fax. Be sure to provide a fax number.

Volunteers have to be 18 years old and will fill out an application.

The dogs love to walk every day. They are always dressed for any weather. We now have a play yard where they can play off leash.

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

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