Foster to Adopt

We encourage all adopters to try out a dog with our Foster to Adopt program.  We still own the dog but you can take him or her home to see if it fits into your environment.

You fill out a foster to adopt contract, leave a deposit of $68.00 (the adoption fee + cost of a license). 
If the dog fits into your home with the other pets and/or people, you come in and finalize the adoption. You will be asked to bring the dog back so we can microchip him/her; if it is not already micro chipped.  At that point the dog is yours and will need to be spayed or neutered. 

This is a nice way to see if the dog and your family can adjust to the new environment.  We can’t know how they will do in a home.  We do evaluate the dogs and do not put dangerous dogs into the community.  Our first priority is Community safety.

We have grant and donated money to spay/neuter dogs.  So we can help if needed.  We use Animal Medical Care in Niles Ohio, Dr. Singh.